For a long time the resistance will affect the quality of the problem?

In the past few days, Danyang enterprise reporting a number value of more than $50000 resistance heater exports to Egypt, Danyang Office of inspection personnel to the scene into the inspection and supervision, in the of the resistance heater leakage current indexes were detected. It is found that the project does not meet the standard requirements.Resistance heater leakage current index is relates to the safety of major projects, the inspectors immediately asked the factory to the goods rework rectification, and issue the export products unqualified notice.

The events of our industry in the process of purchasing couldn’t care less reality of raw material quality raised the issue, in resistance of inorganic silicide material purchase link, often manufacturers in order to save costs, reduce the sintering temperature of silicide, thus greatly reduced the density of silicide, so that in the case of wet easily detectable trace current leakage. And have a great impact resistance of inventory condition also of the internal resistance of metal components, in wet storage environment, metal components easy to damp degenerate, so resistance of the events of our resistance industry forms for a long time no concept of shelf life challenges.

Especially the enterprise after the rectification, inspection personnel in the review processfound that leakage current projects are not qualified. After inspection personnel and production is responsible for repeated analysis, found the goods due to the 2013 production, due to importers in Egypt has not payment, so the goods it has been stored in the enterprise. Until this year, Egypt customers paid the money, but because the goods are placed for a long time, internal resistors magnesium oxide ceiling tidal modification, result in product that does not meet the electrical safety requirements. Eventually, the batch of products determine unqualified, shall not be exported, the enterprise is responsible for people on the decision of the inspection and quarantine departments expressed their understanding and support.