Aluminum resistance aluminum shell effect

The role of aluminum in the aluminum shell resistance is cooling, the aluminum shell resistance of aluminum metal is form a group and the lattice structure of atoms, each atom has layer (or more) of the electronic components of the shell. In the case of electrons, fromnuclear attraction and flows everywhere, forming a sea of electronic, metal conductivealuminum resistance. When the applied potential difference (voltage) on both ends of the metal, because the electric field, accelerating effect of free electrons. But when aluminum free electrons and lattice collision, kinetic energy will suffer a loss, in order to release energy, so energy form, electronic aluminum velocity is the average drift velocity, direction opposite direction and the electric field. Because the drift motion can produce current. In reality, the atoms in the material arrangement rule cannot completely, so electron flow, according to the law of atomic scattering arrangement. This is source of aluminum shell resistance resistance.